Hi there,


Thank you for visiting our site. Actually – this is more than just a site – it really feels like a piece of who we are as individuals, and moreover a family. It has taken us weeks of hard work, sweat, tears, setbacks, tragedy, and determination to make this site available for you to experience. At this point, you’re probably wondering who we are and what we have to offer to you that will make us ‘different’ to our competitors. Well,if that’s the case, then you are in the right place!


Prime Imports is a family owned & run business that was the brain-child of a university student (Francine), and her mother (Emma) who simply wanted to find the best products on the market related to beauty and healthy. As avid followers of international trends we got to the point where we were sick and tired of travelling and seeing that certain products were available internationally, and not locally. What’s worse, was when we purchased products from overseas, we were constantly slapped with a customs fee so heavy, it made us reconsider ever buying from overseas again.


Our close family & friends echoed the sentiment as well, and when we found a few suppliers in South Africa who promised that they sold the same good, we were further disappointed to realise that there seemed to be no way around that sordid customs duty, that consistently bit us in our behinds… yikes!


After much research and speaking with international suppliers, and SARS, we made the leap of faith and decided to start my own business that pretty much solved the biggest issues that we had with buying products online. So we present to you, our brain-child, and the one thing (besides Francine’s Computer Engineering degree & Emma’s love for farming) that keeps us up and night, and gives us hope for every new day.


We truly care for every customer, existing or prospective and we will do my best to ensure that you receive the quality of service that you truly deserve.


Yours Sincerely,

Francine & Emma


We dedicate this website to the memory of our dearly beloved Sandrine, whose soul left this earth during the creation of this website. May her soul forever be at peace. 

Competitive Prices

We believe in making our products available to the vast majority, so we strive to ensure that you receive the fairest prices on the market.

Premium Imported Goods

We source our products from all over the world, ensuring to focus on quality over quantity. Our suppliers are trusted and world-renowned.

Authenticity Guaranteed

Our products are sourced directly from the manufacturers; therefore, you can rest assured that your products are 100% genuine and authentic.

Monthly Giveaways

We believe in giving back! So, we give three free products at random to our customers who purchased products for during a month.

Dedicated Support

We know how frustrating it can be to buy online sometimes, so we have made it very easy for you to get a hold of us via phone call 🙂

Faster Delivery

We wouldn’t want to wait for ages to get our packages either, so we have put steps in place to ensure that shipping is not only affordable – but faster!