Enji Spy 1080p HD Hidden Camera


Enji Spy 1080p HD Hidden Camera CAM 995

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Details Without Detection

Have Something to Protect?

Your children. Your home. Your business. All precious things. And all precious things must be protected. Safety, whether in your home or business, always starts with knowledge. Locks can be picked. Safes can be cracked. Guards can make mistakes. No protection plan is ever completely foolproof. But with the proper monitoring plan, you will always have the truth.

Criminal activity, and even accidents, often leave clues beforehand. With the right monitoring solutions, you have the ability to detect such risks. Detection is the first step on the path to prevention.

With the MiniEye, you get some of the most cutting edge recording camera technology on the planet. HD video, night vision, and a variety of advanced features and integration options. Everything you need to capture all of the details. What’s more, it all comes in tiny package.



Full night vision captures movements while you sleep. Features 6 LED lights that are invisible to the the human eye for enhanced night mode.



MiniEye empowers you to protect your family, your property and your investment 24/7. A mighty small camera that stays concealed and can record up to about 100 minutes of videos.



This is a gift your family and friends will truly appreciate. A gift of love and care. Protect those that are most precious to you with this powerful camera.



Use as a nanny cam, monitoring system, body camera, sports action cam, or on a drone. Uses for your MiniEye are only limited by your own creativity. Once you have one, you’re likely to find new uses for it.

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