Keeping Busy Singing Around The Birdhouse 35 Piece Sequenced Jigsaw Puzzle


Vibrantly colored birds enjoying a sunny day at the birdhouse – perfect for the bird lover. The image offers lots of opportunity for fun conversations. Using our unique sequencing guidance, even people with dementia or Alzheimer’s who find puzzles too challenging can usually complete these puzzles successfully.



The variety of birds and the vivid colors in this puzzle are ideal for the bird lover. The image offers lots of opportunity for fun conversations – “How many birds are there?”, “Are any two the same?”, “Can you see a cardinal?”

The Keeping Busy Sequenced Jigsaw Puzzles offer a unique way to allow puzzle lovers to continue to enjoy a favorite pastime, a pastime that is also a great way to exercise cognitive abilities, dexterity and encourage social interaction. Using our unique color sequencing guidance, even people with dementia who find puzzles too challenging can often complete these puzzles successfully, allowing them to regain the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from completing the puzzle.

The magic is in the color sequencing.

The pieces fit together in a tray that has a grey image of the puzzle printed on it with each piece outlined in a color coded sequence to show its placement. The puzzle pieces come pre-sorted into groups matching the color sequencing and each group of pieces is presented to the person one at a time. By following the colored clues on the tray and the sequence of steps in the instructions, the person is guided to successfully place the pieces without help. The package also includes a full color laminated sheet showing the finished puzzle to help the person complete the puzzle.

This product is proudly assembled and packaged by the people of The Ark, a community organization dedicated to providing services for persons with special challenges.


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