Pure Biology “Total Eye” Anti-Aging Eye Cream – 30 ml


Pure Biology “Total Eye” Anti-Aging Eye Cream – 50 mlo

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PROPRIETARY, CLINICALLY PROVEN INGREDIENTS – Time-tested base ingredients are enhanced with two breakthrough, clinically proven formulations to provide both instant and sustainable, long-term results. Whether you’re looking for an immediate solution to sagging or weathered eyes or want a long-term solution to fine lines, wrinkles, bags and dark circles, “Total Eye” has the answer.

THE SCIENCE & CLINICAL DATA OF FISIONTM INSTANT LIFT – This naturally-derived formulation uses proteins and polysaccharides to form a cohesive film to instantly lift and tighten while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Clinical data has shown vast improvements in skin firmness and elasticity, starting immediately with optimal results within 3 hours. Clinical trials have shown a 14% increase in skin firmness and a 26% increase in skin elasticity vs. placebo.

THE SCIENCE & CLINICAL DATA OF BAOBAB TIENTM – This extracts’ unique composition of amino acids and antioxidants has been show to provide deep, lasting hydration and to promote skin recovery following UV and free radical exposure. In a 14-day clinical trial of adults (ages 22-59) cream infused with Baobab TienTM showed an average decrease in trans epidermal water loss of an astonishing 28%. In lab tests, cells treated with Baobab TienTM showed a 19.5% reduction in DNA strand breaks vs. untreated cells when exposed to UV rays.

GIVING BACK TO AFRICA WITH BAOBAB – Through local partnerships, harvest areas are chosen in underdeveloped regions of Africa to create jobs and opportunity for local families. To assure sustainability, fruits are collected to avoid tree damage and new Boabab trees are planted annually.



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