Studio Limited Styrofoam Head DIY Wig Making Starter Kit


Studio Limited Styrofoam Head DIY Wig Making Starter Kit for Wig Styling Displaying Dressing with Wig Clamp, Brush, T-Pins Wig Clips

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About the Product

  • High Quality Wig Display Foam Head
  • Great Package Deal Available, Best Economical Chance for Styrofoam Wig Head
  • Perfect for Hat Holder Foam Head
  • Salon Certified Model Foam Head
Styrofoam Head Detail

Product Detail

Styrofoam Head Back View

Product Back Side View

Styrofoam Head Size

Product Size

Styrofoam Head Hole

Mount Hole

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DIY Wig Making Starter Kit – 9pcs DIY Styrofoam Head include with…

  1. Studio Limited White Styrofoam Head
  2. Wig Stand Holder
  3. 3 Row Wig Brush without Tip
  4. Stocking Wig Cap 2pcs
  5. Crochet Needle for hair braiding
  6. T-Pins for holding wig to foam Head 12pcs
  7. Weaving Thread & Needles Set
  8. Wig Clips 2pcs
  9. U-Part Weaving Cap with Invisible lace cap (Center Part)
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